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You might think that car insurance coverage is not something that you need. If you figured that you will never be in a major car accident and will never have to worry about covering the expenses of a potential blindside, you might actually be right, especially if you are a particularly good driver. It is true that there is a possibility that you can go through your entire life without ever getting into a major accident or an accident where insurance would be necessary to cover the expenses incurred. However, it is far more likely that you would get in an accident. All it takes is one bad driver, one bad turn, or one overlooked moment and you can find yourself up to your eyeballs in the debt of trying to cover thousands of dollars of repairs. It is for these situations that you should purchase car insurance

What Car Insurance Will Cover

Car insurance is much more than coverage in the event of an accident regardless, despite common thoughts about auto insurance. Car insurance actually is set up to cover a wide variety of subjects that would otherwise be your responsibility to cover. Understanding what insurance covers will help you better determine why you should purchase New York car insurance.

The most basic type of insurance that you can purchase is liability. This is the type of insurance that will cover you in the event of you causing an accident. If you run into another car on accident--even if it is nothing more than a fender bender, by law, you will be responsible for covering those expenses. Even just the replacement of a fender can be a multi-hundred dollar transaction. When driving in the thick traffic of New York, minor fender benders are common, but with liability coverage, you will not have to worry about those incidents, financially.

Another common type of coverage is known as collision. This is the type that will cover your vehicle in the event of a crash. This is not just with other drivers, but with stationary property. If you run into a light post, the cost of the repairs will be covered by your insurance. If someone else hits your vehicle, a good portion of those expenses will also fall on your collision insurance.

In New York, where snow is common and theft is ever-prevalent, you can purchase comprehensive insurance. This is the type that covers all of the miscellaneous expenses that could be incurred onto your vehicle. This includes weather damage, as well as theft and vandalism. Comprehensive coverage is often advised for, simply because it covers such a broad range of topics and incidents that could occur.

In New York, it is never a bad idea to purchase more insurance than less. Especially if you live nearer to the city where traffic is thicker and you will be far more prone to incidents with other drivers on a daily basis, purchasing more insurance will give you the peace of mind that, no matter what incident you find yourself in, you will at least have some measure of coverage.

Coverage that Varies

There is no one plan that you should purchase. Actually, each type of coverage will vary in the amount it covers from vehicle to vehicle and person to person. So when looking through these car insurance tips for New York, remember that your situation might be a little different, simply depending on how old you are, what kind of car you drive as well as what part of the state you happen to live in. But understanding these basic types of coverage will give you a good start.

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New York Car Insurance Testimonial

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New York Car Insurance Testimonial

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