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New York car insurance policies can be complicated, and when you're shopping for the most dependable, affordable policy, you're likely to have a lot of questions. Most drivers want to know which types of car insurance are required by law in New York state and which types of coverage are optional. You may want to know about the penalties for driving without insurance, which are severe in New York. In our frequently asked questions and auto insurance learning center, you'll find answers to many of your own queries about this essential form of financial protection, along with responses to questions that may not have occurred to you.

New York law requires that all motorists carry certain basic types of car insurance. No fault insurance, or personal injury protection, covers the costs of treatment and financial losses for any parties injured in a car accident. Liability coverage protects drivers who are sued by parties who have accused them of careless or negligent driving. Uninsured motorists covers drivers and other parties who suffer injuries or damages in a hit-and-run accident or a collision caused by a driver without insurance. Our FAQs address your questions about mandatory and optional coverage in NY.

In addition to knowing about the basic types of car insurance in NY, many car owners seek tips on how to request car insurance quotes, how and when to buy insurance and how to save money on their premiums. Browse through our FAQs for up-to-date information about the process of buying auto insurance in New York. If you have a question about New York car insurance, it's likely that another driver has had the same concern in the past. We invite you to read the responses to common queries to find answers to your own questions about this valuable NY financial product.

New York Car Insurance
New York Car Insurance Testimonial

"I enjoyed being able to instantly compare several quotes at once before deciding which company I liked. It was very helpful and quick."
Marcus A, New York NY

New York Car Insurance Testimonial

"After searching around and using this site, I found an insurance policy that is almost $300 a year cheaper than my old one. Thank you. "
Carl T, Buffalo NY

New York Car Insurance Testimonial

"This site made it a lot easier to find a good insurance policy here in the city that was very affordable. Thanks a lot for the service."
Carrie B, Manhattan NY

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New York Car Insurance

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