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Buffalo car insurance is the type of automobile insurance that covers your vehicle in the event of an accident or wreck, whether it is your fault or not. The main benefit to having this kind of coverage is that you will not have to worry about the large expenses that are likely to come after an accident. Depending on the severity of an accident, it can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to finance any repairs and liabilities that were involved in the accident. You do not want to have that bill hanging over your head. This is where coverage plans come into effect.

There are four major types of Buffalo vehicle insurance in Buffalo, NY that you can choose from when comparison shopping and buying auto insurance. Each one of these different types of Buffalo automobile insurance will cover a different aspect of a wreck or accident, depending on the type of policy that it is. These major types of coverage include collision car insurance, liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and gap coverage. In order to gain a further understanding of which auto insurance to buy for your situation, you should better understand what each one of them do more specifically and what each of them will mean in regards to covering certain expenses.

The Major Four Coverage Types

Collision car insurance in Buffalo is pretty self-explanatory. This means that if you run into a telephone pole, deer or another driver, you will have the necessary coverage to make sure that the expenses will be covered. Collision coverage is one of the most popular and widely purchased forms of coverage in Buffalo, New York simply because it covers the most basic thing--an accident. However, collision coverage will not cover much of the expenses that might be inflicted onto another driver. This means that driver will have to have his or her own coverage, or you will have to have another kind of coverage known as liability coverage for the New York County.

Buffalo liability car insurance covers damages that are inflicted onto another vehicle if you caused a crash. This is possibly the most common type of car insurance, simply because it is required by law for drivers in the Buffalo, New York area to have. In fact, you cannot drive legally in NY without having this type of coverage. If you have liability coverage, but not car collision coverage, the liability coverage might cover a small amount of damages that are done to your vehicle, but it is primarily geared towards protecting the other driver's vehicle.

Comprehensive Buffalo auto insurance is in its own class. This is the type of car insurance that does not deal with accidents, collisions or wrecks. This is the type of coverage the deals with all of the every-day things that could happen to your vehicle. This includes water damage, wind damage, hail damage, vandalism, fire damage, even theft. Basically, everything that is not related to a wreck is covered by comprehensive Buffalo car insurance. This type of coverage, though not required, is often purchased because it protects drivers against things that are beyond their control.

The fourth major type of Buffalo car insurance is known as gap coverage. This is a type of coverage that deals with the aftermath of an accident. If you purchased a vehicle, but are still making payments on it and you get into a wreck that totals the vehicle, you will be responsible for paying off the remaining balance of what you owe to that vehicle. However, if you have gap coverage in the Buffalo, NY area, the remaining balance, or "gap" will be filled in by this type of Buffalo car insurance so that you are not left with several thousand dollars worth of expenses for a vehicle that no longer exists.

Getting the Best Deals

Though other types of Buffalo car insurance exist for different types of situations, these types of coverage are the most popular and the most widely purchased. Each one of them has many sub-types that cover even more specific circumstances that could occur, understanding the broad scope of what each of them entails will help you better understand how they work in the long run. Though Buffalo car insurance can be a pain to purchase and pay for every month, you will always have the peace of mind that, if you get into a wreck or if something damages your vehicle that is beyond your control, you will have a better chance of not being saddled with a massive bill that you otherwise do not have the means to cover.

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